Mitchell Tenpenny chose wisely when it came to his first single from his debut record, 2018's Telling All My Secrets. "Drunk Me," co-written with Jordan Schmidt and Justin Wilson, peaked at No. 2 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart and landed in the Top 50 on both the year-end Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs chart.  

"Drunk Me" -- which Tenpenny and Schmidt also co-produced -- is a downtrodden track about coping with a breakup. To learn more about the song, from the singer himself, read on.

I think a lot of people have dealt with that, where you break up, get your heart broken, try to drink them off your mind.

It’s been written a bunch of times, but I like the perspective of, you quit drinking for a second to stand a chance of getting over somebody. It’s kind of where the song arrived.

I’ve dealt with it -- tried to drink them off your mind, and it didn’t work out and did a double take on it.

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