After the completion of the Missouri State Fair, the Missouri State Fair Commission discussed the condition of Mango Jack's Building on the fairgrounds.  The commission claims that the condition of the building warrants it to be torn down.

Mango Jack's owner Gary Everts says he received a note last month stating that he must vacate the building by October 15.  Everts said that he feels that that Mango Jack's has become a key part of the nightlife at the Missouri State Fair and would like to present key points on how to keep and maintain Mango Jack's.

I had the chance to talk with Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe about this issue. "One of the biggest problems with that structure is the condition of it," he said.  It's very dilapidated, it's an all wood structure that was set on posts that were set on the ground, so many years ago.  We have some others that are getting to that point too.  They need so much renovation to them that it's just not feasible financially to put money back to them."

Everts thought that there would be more time for Mango Jack's.

"Before the fair, I was talking with Mark Wolfe and he indicated that the master plan called for Mango Jack's going away for much needed handicap restrooms in the area," Everts said.  "He indicated to me at the time that the budget had not been approved and it was kind of a 'wait and see.' I offered to make some improvements."

The Missouri State Fair Commissioners will meet on October 11 to converse more about this decision.

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