As you're out driving this summer, you should find roads across the Show-Me State much smoother thanks  to the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Due to the freeze and thaw of roads in Missouri this past winter, 157 miles of roadways will be smoother in the upcoming weeks thanks to chip seal work being done to repair the roads.

Included on the upcoming schedule of roads to be fixed is Route J in Sedalia on July 10. Other routes in the area in the month of July include-

** Jul 11-- Route J and Route AE at Marshall Junction                                                     ** Jul 12-- Route EE in Marshall
** Jul 17-18 -- Route F in Marshall
** Jul 19-- Route 122 in Marshall  

On August 17, work is scheduled for Route DD in Knob Noster

A chip seal job is when asphalt is poured into existing holes to fill them. Oil is then sprayed across the top of the road and small rock is laid on top of the oil. Once the rock is laid, passes are made over the road to sink the aggregate into the oil. Chip seal is used for lower-volume roads that have traffic of 400 people or less traveling on them. These are typically letter highways.

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