Remember when you had to take the bus to school as a kid? Those of you who did, perhaps you got to know a bit about them.  They were the unsung heroes that got us to school on time, and made sure we were safe.  I can remember giving them Christmas cards provided by our parents and a little thank you.  I would call them Unsung Heroes.

Driving a bus is not easy.  I have never tried, but I know there is some training involved.  I have respect for these blue collar drivers.  So let me tell you about Kevin Huges.  He is a bus driver that loves his job.

He drives the 229 Bus for Mehlville High School, and apparently he is always dressed in different costumes, and takes a lot of pride in his work.  And the Transportation Department has named him Employee Of The Year.  “These are trying times and I’m just putting a little fun in the workplace,” He spoke to KMOV. “If I’ve made you laugh, I’ve done my job.”

He’s blessed to work where leprechaun and bunny outfits around Easter are appreciated, as well as the smiles of people who wear them near St. Patrick’s Day.

“They love it,” He spoke of the children. “It all depends on the outfit. Sometimes they don’t understand them, but a lot of times they do.”

Inside Edition did a nice little piece about him including an interview and you can see that HERE.  He has some pretty nice outfits.

Keep up the good work Kevin!

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