Missouri Bourbon is really a thing and it's more than just a marketing play by distilleries that call our state home. About a year ago our legislature passed House Bill 266 which requires whiskey labeled as Missouri Bourbon to be mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in state. This according to feastmagazine.com.

Missouri Bourbon must meet all federal standards for Bourbon whiskey which include the amount of corn in the grain mixture, what type of barrel it's aged in, and how much alcohol is in the mixture when it's put in the barrel to age and when it's bottled.

The State of Missouri then has it's own requirements beyond the Bourbon being mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in the State. The Whisky Advocate says distillers must use Missouri Oak barrels, which are widely used by the Bourbon industry nationwide. And they must use corn grown exclusively in Missouri.

If you're interested in trying Missouri Whiskey here's some distilleries in our area you can try:

Bourbon isn't the only thing being distilled in our state either. There's a variety of locally distilled spirits, whiskeys and moonshine. Not to mention craft beer and vineyards. Visitmo.com has a whole article on visiting Missouri distilleries here. I'm sure with a couple of quick searches you can find more about our wineries and craft breweries too.

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