Miranda Lambert attracts plenty of attention from fans and the media, but that doesn't mean she likes it all of it. In a new interview, the singer-songwriter confesses she has never enjoyed the promotional aspect of her career, and was especially uncomfortable with the attention that came to bear on her when she was married to Blake Shelton.

Lambert and Shelton married in May of 2011, and while both were stars at the time, neither one had reached the peak of their careers. Shelton's fame went mainstream when he took a job as a coach on The Voice that same year, while Lambert reached new heights with Four the Record in 2011 and Platinum in 2014. The pair were the subject of endless coverage and tabloid speculation about their marriage, and Lambert tells Hits Daily Double that it even changed the way she approached the publicity for Platinum.

"I remember I told [manager] Marion [Kraft] that I needed to up my visibility on this record," Lambert recalls. "I don’t know why I felt that way. Maybe it was the phase in my life where the tabloids came into play. The Hollywood part of my life, but really my husband’s life at that time. And I remember thinking, if we can focus on the music, the light’ll take the focus off all this other sh-t that doesn’t matter."

But even trying to focus on the music had a hidden downside.

"I remember telling Marion that I’m willing to do whatever publicity I have to do. Because I’m pretty private. It’s not my fave, the glam and cameras. It’s my least favorite part of the business," Lambert admits. "But that record, particularly, I did a two-day photo shoot, just because it’s part of getting people to listen. I wanted people to hear my messages."

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Lambert and Shelton divorced in 2015, and her subsequent album, The Weight of These Wings, was inspired largely by the emotional aftermath. She took a very different approach to promoting that massive double album, not focusing on radio hits and doing almost no interviews at all. The result was one of the best-selling and critically acclaimed albums of the past several years, and Lambert says she feels like she's reached a new spot both in her life and her career where she can take a little bit of time with new songs.

"I think it comes with life and time," she reflects. "Having the first 12 years of my career being really balls-to-the-wall, work, work, work, get to the goal, get to the next goal. You reach a place where you have to slow down; you have to breathe and look."

"It also makes me a little weirder," Lambert says. "I can feel myself getting a little reclusive or a little spacey. It comes to me in waves. You feel it start to come, this bubbling up but it’s not here yet. It wants to come out, but you don’t even know what it is."

Lambert is spending most of the summer on the road with Little Big Town on their shared Bandwagon Tour, and the band members say collaborating with Lambert on new songs is on their to-do list.

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