Miranda Lambert's new husband, Brendan Mcloughlin, is a police officer and model, but Twitter and Model Mayem aren't the only corners of the internet where you could find him  before he married the country star.

The New Yorker seems to have a celebrity cougar fan club. Singer Anita Cochran and actress Busy Phillips have both checked him out from afar, and they shared the pics on social media. Phillips called him a "hot cop" on Instagram, and Cochran echoed that in a post that called him good looking and shows him flashing a ringless finger last October.

Despite her outlaw image there, is precedent for Lambert getting comfortable with a man of the law: her dad was a detective!

During this episode of That's What She Said, host Ania Hammar explores the unknowns of Lambert's new husband, including rumors that he's a father to a baby born days after he met the "Vice" singer. It's not hard to see what Lambert sees in him, but what kinds of stress is their marriage going to be under? Watch to find out.

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Mcloughlin — who is either 27 or 28 depending on the source — works the south Manhattan beat for the NYPD, which means he sometimes does crowd control and security for Good Morning America. That's how he met Lambert while she and her Pistol Annies pals were performing there in November. Mcloughlin will continue to work on set, according to GMA, meaning the newlyweds will try their love long distance.

We can't confirm that the Brendan Mcloughlin listed on IMDB is this Brendan Mcloughlin — if anyone has a copy of a movie called Devil's Playground, let us know — but he for sure made something of a cameo in a popular restaurant video starring Lambert last week. His other big role? Romance novelist Cassia Brightmore shares that she hired him to be the cover model for her book, Lincoln Hospital:

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