Last week we reported that the Mid-Missouri Outlaws would be more than likely joining the Champions Professional Football League. Yesterday (August 22), Outlaws co-owner Ethan Henson held a press conference at the Celebration Center formally announcing that they would join the league as one of the founding teams.

Newly named CPIFL Commisioner James Bain says that he is excited for this new league. “Fans are going to notice a couple of things in this new league, like regional rivalries,” Bain said. “You’re talking Omaha and Lincoln, Kansas City and Wichita and Tulsa. These cities, including Sedalia, involved really adds a lot of credibility this year and going forward.”

Henson said, “Fans will see much better rivalries, you’ll see more fans coming here, and the rules will change. The biggest thing is the level of professionalism and the show that will be brought and the fans should get the benefit of all this.”

The CPIFL have had 18 teams apply to join the league.  So far, six have been announced: The Sioux City Bandits, Kansas City, Wichita Wild, Lincoln and the Oklahoma Defenders.

With a new league, there will be a change in the schedule as Henson is expecting the season to roughly begin on March 1 and last through June. Once the schedule is established, they will officially announce the schedule and season tickets will go on sale.