Thank you to all who made nominations for our "Teacher of the Week" series. This week's honoree is Kelsey Dooley, a fourth grade teacher at Leeton R-X Elementary School. Let's see what two of her adoring fans (she was nominated twice) said about Mrs. Dooley:

Mrs. Dooley is not only a great teacher, but a caring teacher. She makes learning fun and lets us have fun while we learn. Mrs. Dooley makes me want to learn and do good because I know she truly cares about me and my classmates. She understands that kids make mistakes and helps me to learn from those mistakes, not feel bad because of them. She has a unique way of teaching hard concepts making them easy to learn. She would never tell you how great she is, but she is a great teacher. I just want her to know that ! Thank you Mrs. Dooley for everything you do!
Kelsey was teaching 4th grade reading and writing for three years. At the start of this school year her co teacher who does social studies and math died due to cancer. This brought her to have to teach all of 4th grade with less the 2 weeks till school starts. She has had struggles but with the support of her family and friends has been able to give her student the education that she knows these kids deserve despite her unfortunate start to the year.
Kelsey Dooley

Congratulations to Mrs. Dooley and thank you for the positive influence you are on our local kids.

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