I promised myself I was going to stop writing about the coronavirus and stop preaching that people should wear their mask. Why? This is Missouri. The Show Me State. And boy has COVID-19 shown me how the state has earned it's nick name. (By the way, I'm just as stubborn as the rest of you so I must be home.) That said, here I am with another good reason to wear a mask. It might actually give you immunity to COVID-19.

I got sucked into an article on megaphone.upworthy.com that cited a commentary in the New England Journal of Medicine picked up in an article by The Telegraph that laid out how wearing a mask might help you gain immunity to COVID-19.

The hypothesis is: scientists believe that universal wearing of masks is reducing the severity of the virus which is making more people asymptomatic when they contract the disease. If this is the case there's a good chance that universal mask wearing could be a form of variolation (inoculation).

Why? Scientific evidence is starting to show how much exposure you have to the virus plays a factor in how sick you'll get. Yet, even someone with a low exposure to the virus will see their immune system kick in to protect them from the virus.

The bottom line. Masks reduce how much COVID-19 we're exposed to. That either keeps us from getting sick, or makes us less sick or asymptomatic. And in the process our exposure gives us immunity to the disease.

So here's my latest pitch to wear a mask. I don't know about you, but I hate the flu. And from what I've heard COVID-19 is way worse than the flu. If wearing a mask can: A) keep me from getting the cornavirus. Or B) Allow me to get it and have few or no symptoms while becoming immune to the virus. I'll wear the mask.  You might want to think about wearing a mask too if you don't.

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