Yes, you read the title correctly. Video rental. Not DVD. Not Blu-ray. A way overdue, old-fashioned VHS tape led to the arrest of a man 14 years after he failed to return the movie to the store. 

According to WSOC-TV, the North Carolina man was pulled over for a tail light violation while driving his daughter to school. The police officer ran his plates, discovered there was a warrant out for the man's arrest because he forgot to return a movie back in 2002, and, well, arrested him. (The officer seems to have had a good sense of humor about it; he let the suspect drop his daughter off at school before booking him.)

"I thought it was a joke," James Meyers told the TV station. It wasn't a joke. Meyers, who is now facing a potential $200 fine, is hoping that charges will be dropped.

The worst part of this whole story? Actually, the second-to-worst part of this whole story? The video store that filed the complaint against Meyers isn't even in business anymore. The worst part of the story is the awful movie selection that got Meyers arrested: Freddy Got Fingered.

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