Fan demand led to Luke Combs' newest single, the well-traveled "She Got the Best of Me." Combs has frequently added the sing-along to his live shows, and finally put it on a record when he released the deluxe edition of his This One's for You album.

Rob Snyder and Channing Wilson helped Combs write this country-rock heartbreaker. The title is no play on words — Combs is trying to impart to a current love how the man he is now is not quite the same (or as good) as the man he was before an old flame was extinguished. It's a convincing performance from a man who wears the burden of love lost with the casual comfort of a flannel button-down.

"She Got the Best of Me" is a tightly-worded three minutes of country music that's easy to memorize. Combs is not an over-thinker worried about packing too much detail or truth into his brand of songwriting. The 28-year-old smartly adheres to traditional song structure and wastes little time with a third verse, expressive bridge or mindless soloing. It's a proven formula that could very well produce yet another No. 1 hit for the North Carolina newcomer.

Did You Know?: Luke Combs has written many songs about ex-girlfriends, but he and current love Nicole Hocking are doing quite well.

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Luke Combs, "She Got the Best of Me" Lyrics:

Seventeen, you don’t think that much about life, you just live it / Like kerosene dancing around a fire but you’re in it / So you jump right in, ain’t afraid to fall and you give it all.

She got the best of me, she broke my heart / Now all that’s left of me is beating in this guitar / Every night a different town, she follows me around / So you get what’s left of me, yeah you get what’s left of me / ‘Cause she got the best of me.

I picked myself up off the floor and found something new worth living for / And an old dusty hand me down six string and a couple chords / I’m getting over her a little more with every song, so y’all sing along.

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