Luke Combs is testing the waters with a new song that's still a work-in-progress. Combs has been working on a track called "Dear Today," and although it's not perfect just yet, he's started sharing the song with live crowds.

On Twitter, Combs recently shared a video of himself performing "Dear Today" at an acoustic show in Wichita, Kan. The song is written as a letter from "tomorrow," addressed to "today;" tomorrow tells present-day Combs to stop taking time for granted and do the things he's been putting off.

In "Dear Today," tomorrow reminds Combs that another day is never promised -- so, specifically, he should make it a point to call his mom, spend time with his dad and get that girl he loves a diamond ring. The latter is an especially appropriately timed lyric, as Combs recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Hocking.

When Combs shared the video of "Dear Today," he called for fans' opinions: "It’s not done yet but love y’all to hear the progress." Social media users were quick to weigh in, telling the artist that they love the new track; a few even called it their new favorite.

Although Combs might still be feeling the high of his wildly successful debut album, This One's for You, and its deluxe reissue, This One's for You Too, the country star says it hasn't changed the way that he creates his music. "Most of the time, I'm still writing with the same guys that I wrote with on this first record," Combs shared earlier this year. "It's really neat to have seen all of us kind of catch our stride together, and a lot of the guys are out in town writing full time now. So when we get back together, they've grown so much as songwriters."

While writing for his sophomore album, Combs says, both he and his songwriting pals are looking to "push the boundaries together."

"[We want to] give these people that are so invested what they want to hear," he adds, "while pushing ourselves at the same time."

Combs already has a busy 2019 ahead of him: He'll embark on his Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour at the end of January. Lanco and Jameson Rodgers will be his opening acts.

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