The title track of Love and Theft's new 'Whiskey on My Breath' album lists seven songwriters. Seven! Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson recently sat down to talk about that and fatherhood, and to play a game you may recognize from grade school.

Before agreeing to play Chubby Bunny, Liles told Taste of Country how many of the songs on the album were crafted. Basically, a bunch of friends holed up in a family cabin near the Tennessee-Kentucky border and got to work. One night, when the day's work was done and the men were setting up for dinner and anything that was to come afterward, someone brought out a guitar.

“No one is going to be like, ‘Hey, you guys write that, I’m gonna wait downstairs. Let me know when you’re done,'" Liles says of the song 'Whiskey on My Breath.'

“All the songs are written by us, with our friends. I don’t think that wrote any of those songs on there that we don’t hang out with," he adds.

Love and Theft, Whiskey on my Breath
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'Everybody Drives Drunk' is the duo's favorite song on the album. “It’s not about drunk driving or condoning it," Gunderson says, "it’s a song that speaks to the struggles that we all have." Look for 'Whiskey on My Breath' in stores and at iTunes.

In addition to talking music, the men opened up about being new fathers. Gunderson's son turns two in March, while Liles' son just turned one. Both men admit they've done something familiar -- if often unspoken of -- to many young fathers: laid in bed pretending not to hear the baby crying.

“I did at first, but I try not to now because I know that any moment I’m going to feel a very large swooping hand-slap on my back," Gunderson admits.

Liles actually likes the early-morning wakeup calls. "That’s when he’s the happiest," he says. “And I also like to have that, 'You know it’s been seven days in a row I got up with him and you’ve been sleeping in.' So I can use that to go out."

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