The legendary Loretta Lynn has postponed a show planned in Iowa due to exhaustion.

At 81, the country music icon is well past the typical age of retirement, yet she continues to dutifully entertain her loyal fans. Lynn just completed a tour of Canada and is in desperate need of rest, so she has postponed a concert in Iowa. The show was slated for Tuesday, Oct. 29.

A post on the singer's website read as follows:

Lynn started feeling poorly midway through her three-week tour. Loretta is a pro and wants to give her fans the best show possible. She felt she physically was unable to do that.

Lynn will take time off to rest and be treated. She asks that fans understand the reason for her cancellation. Of course, the postponed concert will be rescheduled.

It's beyond impressive that Lynn doesn't want to disappoint her fans on any level -- be it giving them a sub-par show or having to cancel a show altogether. But it's best to let her get her rest and come back when she is operating off a fully-charged battery.

Lynn is no stranger to having to temporarily table shows. The star broke a few ribs in September and had to put some concerts on ice as a result.

In this case, she just needs to take it easy for a minute and can then resume doing what she does best. Taste of Country wishes her a speedy recovery.

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