Lindsay Ell's "Champagne" is total sensory disruption. The imagery, the rhymes, that fat baritone saxophone ... it all works in concert to demand your attention.

"Champagne" isn't elevator music. The Taste of Country RISER's third single from The Project isn't a song you're likely to start listening to and get lost in thought about kids, boys, school or work. Nearly every lyric carbonates a dynamic melody and arrangement. She name-drops Jessica Biel and Aretha Franklin effortlessly on her way to describing how much she appreciates it when her man dotes on her.

It's all just so provocative. "Champagne" tells a story without actually telling one. Think about it: Does anything actually happen in this song? Yet, here we are imagining ourselves dressed in silk and diamonds alongside our lover. We're sipping Cristal, stealing kisses and whispering sweet words in a crowded room. We're masquerading for three-plus minutes and not apologizing for it. Ell aimed for a bullseye on the edges of the mainstream country target and emptied her quiver.

Did You Know?: "You Broke Up With Me" singer Walker Hayes and Fred Wilhelm helped Ell write "Champagne."

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Lindsay Ell's "Champgane" Lyrics:

Don't you dare take your hand off the small of my back / When we walk into a crowd, I love it when you do that / Keep tellin' me I'm beautiful even though this room is full of VIPs / Like that crystal chandelier ain't got nothin' on me.

You make me feel like Jessica Biel / Steppin' out of the stretch / Diamonds huggin' my neck for the paparazzi / Got me like I'm droppin' the mic / So natural, a diva, just call me Aretha for real / You make me feel like I'm the champagne / Feel like I'm the champagne.

I can open my own door / But I like that you don't let me / Can't help but smile / When I catch you catch me / Crushin' on you 'cross the party / Gettin' lost in your I-don't-want-to-be-here eyes / Everybody wants your attention / But tonight, it's mine.

Feel like a Superwoman ’S’ is written on my chest / Like I'm the only angel in Los Angeles.

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