When I was a kid playing with Legos the big accomplishment was the time my friend Phillip and I actually built the Lego Fire Station. Or the time I built, or rather had help building, a British double decker bus. These days kids can learn real world physics through playing with Legos and Warrensburg Parks and Recreation is here to make that happen.

Warrensburg Parks and Rec is holding two camps focused on Lego Engineering. The first camp, Super Hero Lego Engineering runs from 9:00AM-Noon the week of July 15. It's geared to kids between five and seven years old. The second camp, Harry Potter Lego Engineering runs the same week but for kids ages seven to twelve.

Cost is $125 and registration closes Sunday July 14. Camp will be held in the Community Center meeting rooms. Warrensburg Parks and Rec says "Our new Play-Well LEGOS® mini camps are more than just playing with LEGOS®! This 5-day course helps kids broaden their imagination and explore their engineering skills with KC & STL Play-Well Teknologies, and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! They will be applying real-world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture as they design and build as never before!"

If you know a child or tween into Legos, this might just be a fun opoportunity for them to make new friends, have some fun and yaknow, maybe learn something. Here's the Warrrensburg Parks and Rec Facebook post:


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