Country singer Kree Harrison sang the Patty Griffin song 'Up To the Mountain' on 'American Idol' on Wednesday night (Feb. 20), delivering one of the standout performances of the night that astonished the judges.

She packaged the tune -- which has been covered by numerous artists, including Kelly Clarkson -- in an exceptionally polished, poised version that not only demonstrated the full range and power of her remarkable voice, it also spoke directly to the emotional intent of the lyric. Harrison was dressed simply and didn't try to over-sing, instead presenting a straight performance that made most of the other women on the 'Idol' stage look like rank amateurs.

Keith Urban was visibly holding back tears. "Blues and gospel play a big role in the foundation of country music," he said. "You embody that effortlessly."

Nicki Minaj was even more enthusiastic. "I would be very afraid if I were any of the other singers tonight," she raved.

Randy Jackson called Harrison "a natural-born singer," adding, "Well done."

Harrison went on to the next round, in the process becoming one of the female frontrunners in this season of 'American Idol.'

Watch Kree Harrison Sing 'Up To the Mountain' on 'American Idol'

Kree Harrison - Vegas Singoff - American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic

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