Kip Moore isn't the first artist to voice his two cents on cell phones at live shows, but the singer has a strong opinion about fans not living in the moment.

Moore wants his fans to enjoy the show, instead of worrying about capturing it to re-watch later -- or to send out on social media.

“It’s upsetting that people have lost the ability to live in the moment, and I think it’s only gonna get worse and worse,” Moore explains. "There’s some times in a show when I’ll go sing right to somebody face to face, and they’ll waste the whole 10 seconds trying to get their phone out of their pocket, and by the time they finally look up, I’m gone."

Moore knows that he can't say anything to the fans during the show, but he knows what he would say if he could.

“‘Dude, put the phone down and just enjoy what’s going on right now,'" he says would tell the crowd.

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