If you've ever had kidney stones you know how painful they can be. It can feel like no pain you've ever experienced if you're trying to pass them.

Well, the good folks at Disney World in Florida may be able to give you some relief, and all you have to do is ride the Big Mountain roller coaster. At least according to a professor from Michigan State University.

According to an article on simplemost.com, there was study done after patients claimed that they were able to pass kidney stones after the roller coaster ride. David Wartinger. a professor emeritus in the Department of Osteopathic Surgical Specialties at the university performed the extended study.

But you can't ride just any rollercoaster to get the same results. According to Wartinger the ideal coaster for passing kidney stones is rough and quick with some twists and turns, but no upside down or inverted movements.

So good luck if you're looking for an alternative method to pass those kidney stones!

Roller Coaster in Santa Cruz California
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