Kenny Rogers is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, successful in both pop and country, and a legend in his own right. But, he wasn't always the confident superstar fans know today; he recalls his first CMA Music Fest, and admits he was pretty much shakin' in his boots.

"I was scared to death," Rogers told Taste of Country before performing with Darius Rucker at a charity event on Monday. "I had just kind of gotten into country music. I came out and there was all these people out there and I didn't even know they knew anything I'd done." Back then, it was called Fan Fair.

However, his nerves were soon eased. The 'Buy Me a Rose' hitmaker was surprised to realize the crowd was singing along. "They knew every song I did," he says.

When Rogers isn't performing his top hits on stage, or touring around the country, he's busy corralling his twin boys, Jordan and Justin. Like most kids, they're into the entire 'Frozen' soundtrack, but they still have a bit of their dad's country music influence as well.

Rogers laughs, "The church they go to, they let them sing. So the boys get up and the very first song they did was [Love or Something Like It'] 'Show Me a Bar With a Good Lookin' Woman.'

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