There is no lack of talent on the set of 'American Idol' but sometimes that talent has yet to be discovered. This week, behind the scenes of the reality show, Keith Urban discovered even Ryan Seacrest has a hidden talent.

Urban wants to let fans see what happens before shows and how the judges, and host, unwind before they take that stage. He's launching a weekly series called 'Idol Chatter' and in the second episode, which premiered on E!, he found out how Seacrest loosens up.

The 'Cop Car' singer goes into Seacrest's dressing room to discover the host rockin' out on the bass guitar. "You are a mother bass player," Urban says when he finds him. Seacrest says he's been playing for a few years but that he likes to keep it quiet -- but it does help him to get ready before they film 'Idol.'

“Yeah, I mean, just to sort of get into the zone before we go out there and do the show," Seacrest says before trying to change the subject. "How are you doing?”

Urban says his way of prepping before the show is much different than Seacrest's. "I just sit in my trailer I get ready and you know I figure out what to wear and just kinda chill a little bit," he says before realizing Seacrest may be on to something. "I should get my guitar and play a little bit more.”

Seacrest eventually lets it out that former 'Idol' judge Randy Jackson is actually the one who turned him on to the bass guitar -- before mentioning the three could have a jam session one day.

“That’s the great thing about 'Idol,' I mean, you can see somebody like Ryan week after week and you see him on the show and he’s just a natural host and then before you know it he’s radio host he’s hosting this, he’s got all these things going on and he’s a killer bass player," Urban says baffled. "I had no idea"

As he's talking, Seacrest's real secret is revealed.