What's in a name? With the merger of Sprint into T-Mobile, the Sprint Center name is going away. T-Mobile made it official with a splashy announcement on the T-Mobile website that the Sprint Center will now officially be known as the T-Mobile Center. In the statement T-Mobile CEO Mike Sivert said:

I couldn’t be prouder to announce T-Mobile Center and show the Kansas City community that we’re deeply invested in the home of our second headquarters! We’re proud to be with you, and when it’s safe to re-open, we’re bringing you some incredible Un-carrier experiences.

T-Mobile is promising that the newly named venue will have awesome events through 2032, presumably the length of the naming agreement. And that T-Mobile customers will get special perks, while the company provides "upgrades for everyone in the coming years."

There wasn't a lot of specifics about upgrades and perks. However it did mention T-Mobile and Sprint customers will have a "fast pass" entrance at 13th and Grand where they can show their phone and avoid the crowds. Plus, T-Mobile says every visitor will continue to be able to access free WI-FI around the arerna from the mobile phone company.

T-Mobile Center isn't the only venue to carry the mobile carriers name. Other venues include T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and T-Mobile Park in Seattle. The venue's transition to T-Mobile Center will happen over the next several months with initial signage expected to go up in August.

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