Do you have enough packets of salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, salsa, mayonnaise and who knows what else stored away? Are you sure? Actually after the past three plus months you should have enough packets of condiments stored away to start you own fast food franchise, or to at least take care of fifty plus individuals during your next family picnic at Liberty Park.

Unfortunately with the COVIXD-19/coronavirus pandemic, drive-thru and take-out has never been more popular. With every order you've probably amassed enough packets to keep your burgers, hot dogs, and fries covered for the next three years.

It isn't much different whether you've been hoarding the individual packets at work or at home, you've most likely have drawers loaded down with "extra stuff" from your favorite eateries.

I went through the break room of the Townsquare Media Megaplex aka KSIS/KXKX/KSDL. I noticed that we had on a table, numerous packets of condiments. Now how could you possibly use all of these miniature portions of food add-ons? You've collected the ground red pepper and Parmesan cheese from the pizza delivery guy. You've accumulated ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise from your favorite burger drive-thru. You've amassed numerous packets of soy sauce and hot mustard from your favorite Chinese food restaurant.

Now that you've filled at least one of your kitchen drawers with the non-expirational goodies, how long are you planning on holding on to the little boogers? Go through those and count how many you've accumulated. At last count here at the station, we have around 78 packets. How about you?

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