It looks like quite a few drive-in theaters will be closing down in the next year. It's been announced that Hollywood films will no longer be made with 35 mm film and everything will be completely digital. It's not a big deal for regular movie theaters, but it'll be very tough for most drive-ins since the new digital projectors can cost around $80,000 or more. A lot of drive-ins are likely to go out of business rather than spend so much money.

Luckily, Honda is doing something kind of cool with "Project Drive-In," a sort of scholarship for drive-in theaters. They're donating nine digital projectors to different drive-in theaters across the country. There are 81 theaters entered, and one of them is the I-70 Drive-In in Kansas City.

If you want to help save the I-70 Drive-In, all you have to do is go and vote for them. It's really easy and voting runs until Sept. 21.

I've always been a fan of drive-in movies. I just love going to the movies in general, but the drive in just adds a whole other level of fun. It's not just a movie, it's an experience. I remember when I was younger and living in southern California, there was a drive-in by our house and we would go see movies all the time. It was a blast.

Let's save the I-70 Drive-In!

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