Country stars had plenty of new music videos to share this week, with settings that ranged from rugged, stark desert landscapes to the streets of downtown Nashville. Which one will be your go-to weekend jam?

Kane Brown, “Lose It”:

The new "Lose It" music video from Kane Brown is set amidst a stunning desert landscape. While he hasn't revealed where it was filmed, the setting looks similar to Joshua Tree National Park's rugged and stark beauty with the distinct "Yucca brevifolia" plant species dotting the sand around Brown. The Alex Alvga-directed video features Brown, a Camaro and a love interest, although she is never in the same shot as the singer.

"Lose It" is the first song to be released from Brown's upcoming sophomore album. "[The song's] got a little fiddle, which we didn't have on the debut album at all, or any of my music I've ever released," Brown says. "We've got a different-sounding guitar. Every time I go into a country music club, I see people two-stepping to all these different kinds of music, and this song is a little different from [classic country], but I'm hoping it's something people can two-step to."

Amanda Shires, “Eve’s Daughter”:

Amanda Shires' new song, "Eve's Daughter," is electric and energizing, and its music video, directed by Jonah Best, nods to that aesthetic. The track is big enough to eliminate the need for polished video production or a detailed storyline; it's simply Shires with her violin and her band (drummer Jerry Pentecost, bassman Macey Taylor and guitarist Zach Setchfield) performing in an empty warehouse.

"This is a look at part of my mom's life story," she tells Rolling Stone. "Eve's Daughter" is the second track from her forthcoming record To the Sunset. As with her 2016 record, Dave Cobb is the producer on the project.

Lori McKenna, “Young and Angry Again”

Grammy-winning artist Lori McKenna reveals the music video for "Young and Angry Again," the latest single from her upcoming record, The Tree. Directed by John Moessner, the video features McKenna and her band performing in the quiet of the woods. The peaceful setting speaks to the inner peace and deep wisdom McKenna portrays throughout the song.

Lyrics like "Before the world set in and we punched that clock / Before we knocked those hell-bent edges off" and "You're carrying around half of what God gave you / And half of what they told you you should be" set McKenna in a league of her own. She co-wrote "Young and Angry Again" with Luke Laird and Barry Dean, and she tells The Tennessean, "We wanted to write about that time of life when you are just starting out on your own. Paving your own roads with so much gut. I loved the director's vision for us playing this one in that beautiful creek bed. It seemed to capture the feeling of that summer of youth." The Tree releases on July 20.

Dierks Bentley and Brothers Osborne, “Burning Man”:

The lyric video for Dierks Bentley's "Burning Man," which features Brothers Osborne, is everything you'd expect a song called "Burning Man" to entail: flickering flames, smoldering embers and a few visual nods to Burning Man in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

“I felt an immediate connection to the lyrics," Bentley tells People of "Burning Man." "The idea that we all are a little bit of everything … a little bit holy water and a little bit burning man … really resonated with me." He adds, “I’ve never heard a song communicated like this in country music before. I love Brothers Osborne both as musicians and people and I knew they would connect to the song like I did. Performing it with them is certainly a highlight in the show for me. We all can’t wait to hear the crowd singing along with us.”

"Burning Man" is from Bentley's recent release The Mountain. He's currently on his 2018 Mountain High Tour with openers Lanco and the Brothers Osborne.

Morgan Myles, “Acapella”:

Morgan Myles' music video for “Acapella” was filmed by acclaimed director Roman White. It takes place in downtown Nashville, the perfect backdrop to the upbeat and lighthearted song. Wearing a bright yellow dress, denim jacket and bright fuchsia heels, Myles exudes sunshine, and it's on full display in the "Acapella" video. The clip also features other people dancing and singing along to the track, whether in their kitchen, outside, in the bathroom mirror or on a playground.

She tells CMT, “Most of my songs are about finding strength in some way. With "Acapella" I was inspired by a past situation where I had to realize that I’m the one in control of my happiness and not to let someone else’s issues bring me down. I hope this song helps other people who need to find the strength to love themselves.”

Abi, “A Day Without”:

New artist Abi reveals a moving and emotional video for "A Day Without." The music video tells the stories of a young woman whose boyfriend joins the military and a mother sending her daughter to college.

She co-wrote the song with the late Andrew Dorff, Lucie Silvas and Jimmy Robbins, and it's an especially meaningful performance for Abi: The 20-year-old lost her father as a teenager. "The sheer thought of losing someone is absolutely terrifying, as is the deep love you might have for a person with who you might feel like you cannot go on a day without them," she tells Rolling Stone Country "I think that my father's passing gave me a new perspective on life, and enabled me to channel much deeper emotions into my craft."

Lucas Hoge, “Power of Garth”:

Lucas Hoge's “Power of Garth” music video will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who was impacted by country music at an early age. The music video transitions back and forth between following a young boy (presumably a young Hoge) who loves Garth Brooks to Hoge today.

"Power of Garth" is from Dirty South released last July, and the singer credits the superstar with "open[ing] me up to so many different realms of what country music can do." In fact, during his live shows, Hoge follows "Power of Garth" with Brooks' "Much Too Young (to Feel This Damn Old)."

Aaron Watson, “Run Wild Horses”:

It doesn't get much cuter than Aaron Watson’s “Run Wild Horses” music video. Instead of using actors, Watson and Kimberly, his wife of 15 years, star in the clip. Directed by Benjamin Ranzinger, the video was filmed in the Watson’s hometown of Buffalo Gap, Texas (population 468) at one of their favorite spots, the Perini Ranch.

"Run Wild Horses" was inspired by a time in 2015, when Watson took his wife to the Perini Ranch Steakhouse, away from the demands of three children and his burgeoning music career. “There’s not a lot of time for the more intimate side of the relationship,” he tells Billboard. “We’ve got baseball, we’ve got ballet, we’ve got church — it’s like every night there’s something. Every once in a while, I have to go, ‘Time out.’ I call my mom and my dad, like, ‘Hey, can you watch the kids? I need to take Kimberly out on a hot date.’"

Lyrics like “Run free as the wind my passion on your skin / Your lips on mine run wild horses / Run out of control deep down in your soul / We become one, run wild horses run" nod to the passion the couple still has after one-and-a-half decades.

“The first verse is how it was when we first met: that passion, young lovers out on a dirt road, not a care in the world,” says Watson. “The second verse is all the distractions that I have around me, but nothing compares to her. And then that bridge, it’s like, ‘Let’s make time for each other.’ It’s definitely a love-making song.”

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