Kacey Musgraves proved herself to be incredibly opinionated about men's fashion trends and musical subgenres that she doesn't like and that she wants to go away in an interview. Gentlemen, are you listening?

When the 'Keep It To Yourself' singer was asked what the best-dressed man in Nashville is wearing, the singer declared that it isn't Affliction club gear. You know the brand -- those loud, graphic print, skintight t-shirts that dude bro types wear.

"Nothing by Affliction," she stated. "Just burn the warehouse down. It's just douchey and really gaudy." Tell us how you really feel, Kacey!

What does she like? Old school country western looks, that's what.

"I like when people have Western style but it's throwback '70s-ish," she said. "I like pearlsnap shirts and a bow-tie like the KFC man. I like Katy K's: it's kitschy in a good way. It's not trying to be like cool cowboy, which is lame. They have the western bolo ties for men and button-ups with cacti on them. Go there."

So there you have it – fashion tips for one of the prettiest ladies in country music.

Musgraves is also anti truck songs –sorry Kip Moore! That might seem un-American and decidedly un-country of her, but she's not feeling it.

"Anyone singing about trucks, in any form, in any song, anywhere," she said about which musical trend has overstayed its welcome. "Literally just stop - nobody cares! It's not fun to listen to."

She also wishes that dubstep would die a much quicker death. "I thought dubstep was cool for two seconds - but that can go away now too. It sounds like a malfunction of some kind," the singer groused.

We love how opinionated and vocal Musgraves is!

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