If you're like me, you've upgraded your phone at least a couple of times, if not more. Now the question is what do I do with the old phone? Do I just throw it in a drawer and let it die a slow death, bury it in the cell phone graveyard or is there something I can do sell it, and possibly make some money off of it?

I was running  through my list of emails when I came across one that caught my eye. (Of course, I grabbed it and pulled it back...tee hee!) The title of the email was Best Ways to Sell Your Phone for the Most Money. I know I'd rather make a few bucks on the old phone so of course, I bit...and I clicked.

I know that people will put their old phones up for sale on different local sites but I also know that for the most part the individuals that I know that have tried to buy one that way got screwed over. (Sorry for the French)

I don't feel like I want to deal with selling it on a local level. I'd rather just find a legitimate site that you punch in some numbers, some info, and walla you have what the phone is worth and you move on to the next step of sending it on for your reward.

The pennyhoarder.com had a great story on how to deal with it, so I'm looking forward to taking the next step to see how it goes. Wish me luck...

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