Last Tuesday (Sept. 11), during the first day of the 2018 AmericanaFest, a group of some of Americana's highest-profile figures gathered for a roundtable to discuss all things music. Margo Price, John Prine, Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, Brandi Carlile and producer Dave Cobb touched on everything from their early musical influences to their forthcoming projects, sharing plenty of anecdotes and insights along the way. Press play above to watch the full conversation.

Early in their chat, some of the artists involved in the panel described the childhood experiences that made them want to pursue music. Isbell recalled falling asleep on a weight bench in a garage while listening to his uncle rehearse with a cover band. "I probably haven't slept that good since, in all honesty," the singer added. Meanwhile, Carlile remembered hearing her grandfather yodeling when she was about four years old, and wondering if she might be able to do the same one day (As an adult, Carlile can indeed yodel.)

Later, the conversation turned to what's in store for the future of some of Americana's biggest artists. Prine, whose 2018 album, The Tree of Forgiveness, was the first new music he'd released in well over a decade, said that he intends to release another some point. "I don't know when, but there'll be another one," he said. However, Carlile has more concrete plans: Towards the end of the round table, she explained the inspiration behind her upcoming Girls Just Wanna Weekend, which will kick off at the end of January in 2019.

"I grew up in the time of Lillith Fair ... I went to every single one, and I saw these amazing, diverse lineups," Carlile said. "That had an effect on the commercial viability of women in general. They were getting played on the radio, and their records were selling, and it was just a better time, I think, in the '90s for women. I hate to see something get worse as the world gets better, so I wanted to start a proof of concept festival, and then just hopefully inspire lots and lots of people to rip off the idea."

The panel was organized by Amazon Music's Americana Panel for Today in Music.

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