The Band Perry will release new music on Friday (Sept. 21). A five-song EP called Coordinates will introduce their new sound, new record label and (once again) new visual aesthetic.

Variety delivered the news on Monday (Sept. 17), calling Coordinates "so unapologetically electronic it makes their previous couple of unabashedly pop singles sound like vintage Carter Family." Needless to say, they're not going to give country music another try after a year-long break that followed a foray into pop music.

If you're just catching up, all you need to know is that over the last three years the sibling trio has gone from country music to pop music, then back to country (or both?) before going full pop and then splitting from their pop label home, Interscope Records.

Monday's news comes with a third purging of old social media posts and a fourth new look. Just before releasing "Comeback Kid" to country radio, Kimberly Perry went brunette, matching her brothers. Now she, Neil and Reid Perry are all blond.

The trio tell Variety they'll get personal with new music. It will be like nothing the Band Perry fans have heard before. “We were listening to a lot of very minimal, but big sounds, so there was a lot of German electronic music we were listening to,” Kimberly Perry reveals.

Rick Rubin produced the EP, which will be released on their own Artrat record label. He also produced an unreleased album for the band when they were on Republic Nashville. A Top 30 single called "Live Forever" was the lead single from that album.

As pop musicians the Band Perry released one single called "Stay in the Dark" from an album called My Bad Imagination that was never released. This makes Coordinates their first multi-song release since Pioneer in 2013.

Country fans will best remember the multi-time Vocal Group of the Year nominees for their hit song "If I Die Young." Last year, it was named one of Taste of Country's best country songs of the 21st century.

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