Joe Nichols has been going back to his roots in a series of classic country cover songs, and in a new video, he explains why he chose Charley Pride's "The Rose Is for Today" as his latest cut.

"'The Rose Is for Today' is a song that I first heard a long time ago, maybe when I first come to Nashville," the singer relates in the video above, which is debuting exclusively with Taste of Country.

Pride cut the song in 1977 and included it on his album, She's Just an Old Love Turned Memory.

"When I heard it, I immediately thought of my longtime sweetheart and eventual wife, Heather, and I wanted to include it with this project because it's a special song to me, it's a special song to my relationships, and it takes me back to when I had nothing going for me," Nichols says.

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"I wanted one day to give her something special ... this song reflects, and makes me reflect back on that time in our life," he adds.

Nichols launched his Never Gets Old: Traditional Country Series in March with a cover of Don Williams' "Good Ole Boys Like Me," which he also dedicated to his wife. Never Gets Old is also the title of Nichol's most recent studio album, and he released the title track from the project as its first single in June of 2017.

Nichols' cover of "The Rose Is for Today" is set for release on Friday (April 6). He'll roll out a new track in the series on the first Friday of every month.

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