They may have smarts, but not when it comes to football.

On Monday's episode of Jeopardy!, the three contestants had a whale of a time with the "NFL Teams By Hall of Famer" category. It was actually quite simple: the contestants had to name the team a player played for.

Watch as this poor woman, named Anupama, scrambling to get on the positive side in order to compete in "Final Jeopardy," butchers the Marcus Allen clue after no one could get "Mean" Joe Greene.

Yeah, she said Allen played for the Colorado Rockies, a team that didn't even exist while Allen was playing. To be fair, we know this woman is smart -- you have to be in order to get on the show. But in sports circles, this is hilarious.

And if you think this was bad, the category kicked off with no one buzzing in for "Michael Irvin."

Fortunately for them, time ran out, so we never go to see the final two clues. Considering they get harder as the monetary value increased, we can only imagine the guesses we would've heard.

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