"Thanks for hanging with us in the heat," Jackson Michelson told the crowd during his set at Country Jam Colorado on Saturday (June 20). The alt-country newcomer was rocking a little facial scruff with black jeans for an 11-song set that included a really fun '90s medley.

Michelson, a native of Oregon, told Country Jammers about growing up with music in his household. His mom is a country fan, but his dad is a fan of soul music, so he's a mix. The singer described his dad as being "very white with no rhythm." His dad told Michelson that every night in his set he needed to play one soul cover, so he obliged on a hot Saturday afternoon in the mountains, making both parents proud with a rendition of "Georgia on My Mind," originally by Ray Charles but later redone by Willie Nelson.

During Michelson's set he also took the crowd to the beach, playing a song which compares being shoreside to being in love. Then came a summertime tune, appropriately. "We're having a summer thing here, I tell you what," he said with a smile before transporting the crowd to the Florida Keys for a song called "The Good Life."

The singer-songwriter really broke it down for the crowd with a song about selfies, which described how now with social media, folks tend to take selfies to show their exes how much fun they're having without them. A '90s medley got the crowd singing along to "No Diggity," "No Scrubs" (which he dedicated to the women) and "Say My Name." His set was one that was not to be missed during the festival, so if you get the chance to get out to a Jackson Michelson show, do it!

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