Luke Bryan's wife Caroline had an unexpected guest drop in and help himself to some leftovers overnight — and well, he definitely got a little bit over-served.

The singer's wife shared hilarious video of the moment, which shows just what happens when a squirrel has access to all the peanuts he can eat.

"So we left some boiled peanuts on the porch last night on our trip. The squirrel ate so many," she says.

"He's so full!" she continues, cracking up as she pans the camera over to a squirrel laying splayed out on the ledge of a nearby fireplace. "He can't move!"

In the caption of her post, Caroline clarified that the squirrel is okay — he just needed time to recuperate after his feast.

"*The squirrel is totally fine!!!!*" she writes. "We took the peanuts away and he was running around all day ... some of his/her little buddies even came up to play and look for scraps!"

Caroline's love for animals is well-documented: Her social media frequently includes new additions and daily life for the animals on Brett's Barn, a farm created in memory of her and her country star husband's niece, Sadie Brett Boyer.

Even more well-documented, though, is Caroline's love for family fun. Recently, she shared photos and videos from Bryan's 47th birthday — complete with the traditional birthday dance. In recent months, Caroline has also gotten matching tattoos with her niece Kris, gotten hilariously stressed out as her son Bo learns to drive and participated in a fun new ad spot for a local hospital.

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