Warrensburg Main Street posted a note of caution for people driving in downtown Warrensburg yesterday evening. But that's not the only part of town drivers should be exercising caution in.

Warrensburg Main Street says drivers may experience some delays due to construction downtown, and that parking may be limited. They also posted the City's downtown parking guide with some alternative parking solutions.

That however is not the only construction going on in town. I live around Main Street by the Civil War era courthouse and getting out of the neighborhood with the construction has been a real pain in the rump.

A couple of weeks ago Evergy had their electrical contractor replacing all the old wooden telephone pools with new steel poles. If there wasn't one of their bucket trucks in the way forcing me to take the long way around the block. There were two or three of their trucks clogging up the street.

And it's not just the replacement of old wooden telephone polls making it hard to get out of the neighborhood. They seem to be doing work or replacing the water lines. That seems to be something they're doing all over town. But right now it seems to be in my neighborhood.

Crews seem to be going around the neighborhood and digging up holes in the front yards of people clogging up the streets. Driving on Main to get over to Young and out to Highway 50, I've encountered construction equipment forcing me over to the side of the road so they can pass. Or crews and trucks making it hard to see across intersections. A couple of which can be difficult to navigate without obstructions like this.

The bottom line is there's lots of construction in Warrensburg. And not just downtown. It might be coming to your neighborhood. When it does, expect delays. And be careful behind the wheel.

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