I was on my way back to the station this morning when I saw this banner on the front of the old Ag-Power John Deere dealership in Sedalia.

First off the sign only says"Coming Soon." Other than that there's really no clue to what type of business it will be.

If you're still wondering where this is at, it's across from the Missouri State Fairgrounds at 2205 South Limit.

Now we could start speculating that a car dealership will be setting up shop, it could be another ag-related business that's going to be make it's home at this location, or heaven knows what other possibility it could be.

I imagine we could start some juicy rumors of what it could be but you've probably seen plenty of those already on social media.  All I know is we're looking forward to new neighbors. It's been kind of lonely around here since Ag-Power headed further south to their new location on South 65 highway.

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