This is what I posted back in July of 2014...

Hey everyone! I thought I'd let you know a little about me as the new morning guy from 6-10 on KIX 105.7.

I was raised in Butler, MO.  I started in radio when I was a sophomore in high school and by the time I graduated, I had 3 years of experience under my belt so I decided to move onward and upward!  I applied for a position in Sedalia at KSIS-AM & KSIS-FM (92,1) located on North 65.  KSIS-FM changed its call letters to KCBW and later changed it's frequency to 92.3 and the call letters to KSDL (BOB-FM) and of course KSIS is still on the air and going strong.

After being at KCBW for approximately nine months, I felt it was my obligation to serve my time for Uncle Sam and I joined the Air Force to see the world.  Little did I know that after basic training and tech school, seeing the world would take me to Whiteman Air Force Base for the remainder of my four-year commitment!

Along with Butler and Sedalia, through the years I’ve worked at various stations across the Midwest in towns and cities like Clinton, Carrollton, Rolla, Springfield, Ill., and Kansas City.  I was also a club DJ in three country nightclubs in the Kansas City metro during a 15-year period.  Those included Guitars & Cadillacs, The Beaumont Club, and Whiskey Tango.

I’m happy to be here in the mornings…making you laugh, playing your favorite music, and keeping you up-to-date with the latest news, sports, and weather.  I’d also like to hear from you about the different happenings around the area, so we can keep everyone informed!

I look forward to being on the air with you, getting you up and going and out the door every morning, Monday-Friday on KIX 105.

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