You see jars and bottles of the ooey-gooey stuff on the shelves of your favorite food store, but is your honey actually honey or something else?

If you choose your brand of honey based on the price, you may want to think again. Most of your cheaper brands of the golden nectar isn't honey at all. According to a story from Healthy Holistic Living, in an investigation by Food Safety News, a process called "ultra-filtraton" is used on 76% of honey purchased at grocery stores. This process removes not only impurities like wax but also all traces of pollen.

Finding out where your honey has come from is the reason for the pollen in your honey. Health experts claim that for the most beneficial health results from honey, purchase it from a local source.

A few "honeys" that are out there that really aren't honey include the Winnie The Pooh brand sold at Walmart. According to the testing 100 % of the pollen had been removed. The same goes for the packets of "honey" from KFC and McDonald's.

A good option? Buy your honey from area Farmer's Markets and from health food stores.


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