There was a day when the Electric Slide, Watermelon Crawl, and Tush Push dominated the country dance floors. Is that still true or have the times changed for these dances, too?

I DJ'd in nightclubs off and on for about 20 plus years. Most of those were in the Kansas City Metro. Clubs like the General's Inn, Silver Bullet, two different Guitars & Cadillacs, The Beaumont Club, and Whiskey Tango.

Through those years, from 1989-1994, line dances were dominant. You would usually pack the dance floor after giving your two-steppers a chance to grab a drink and recover for the next round of songs.

I haven't been to the clubs much since 1994, but from what I've seen I'm wondering if they're as popular as they were back in the day? In fact during that time, I even taught line dance lessons. (Don't ask me to do it now 'cuz I can't remember any of them!)

I know times change but are the line dances still going strong?

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