Keith Urban's fans might be on pins and needles over his possible American Idol return, but the superstar isn't too worried about it.

In fact, in an interview with Lehigh Valley Music, Urban admits that while he was grateful for the opportunity to join the judging panel originally, he isn't sure if he will suit up a second time.

"There’s been talk about it, yeah, but I’m not quite sure. There’s a lot of, an enormous amount of moving parts on everybody’s side, I think, right now," he says. "If that happens, great. And if it doesn't, no sweat."

Urban is keeping himself pretty busy with other projects. Currently, he's trying to record an album, and he also has a busy tour schedule — "I certainly got a full dance card," he admits.

Urban recognizes the impact that American Idol has had on his career, but perhaps more importantly, the impact he's had on contestants. "That's what I really love, is the opportunity to work with a lot of these kids – cause I’ve been on that side of the desk, so I know what that’s like," he says.

“I love the opportunity to try and give advice to someone that might be helpful, and particularly if it’s really honest advice, because so many kids – like me – come from small towns. But unlike me – I was very lucky to have people around me who were, like, ‘No, that’s just not good enough. No, you could do better.’ A lot of kids don’t have that – they just have family or friend that think everything they do is awesome. And it’s not, but it could be [laughs], you just need really honest people around you."

American Idol returns in spring 2018 on its new ABC home, though auditions in Texas were canceled due to Hurricane Harvey. Katy Perry will join the show as a judge, and Ryan Seacrest will return as host.

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