As we get ready for the last full month of the regular season, Major League Baseball schedule, will either Missouri team make it to the playoffs?

As the 2017 MLB schedule starts winding down, teams are making deals and still jockeying for position for the Wild Card berths in their respective American and National League divisions. The Royals and the Cardinals are no different.

As of this writing St. Louis was 6 games behind NL Central Division leading Chicago, and 51/2 games behind in the Wild Card standings.

Kansas City isn't seeing games go their way either as the Royals are 11 games behind AL Central Division leading Cleveland. KC was sitting a little better in the Wild Card standings trailing by four games.

As fans of both teams know, when either of these two teams get hot they can reel off a string of wins and it could make it interesting towards the end of September and into October.

According to the site,, the Royals have a 9.6% chance to make the playoffs through the Wild Card and no chance at all to win the division.

On the same site the Cardinals have a 2.7% chance for taking the division and an 8.7% chance for a Wild Card berth.


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