Ever wonder if other couples argue as much or less as you? A new study reveals the findings.

It's not easy being a couple. Adjusting to each other's quirks, and trying to find that happy medium that makes it enjoyable to spend time together. But sometimes things go haywire and the arguments begin. We learn to tolerate those "bad habits" of our partners. (Of course, we don't have any of those bad habits!)

According to a review by Mattressclarity.com, couples in Missouri are some of the least argumentative in the nation with an average of 14 arguments per month. 

Compare that with the national average of 19 arguments and we look pretty good in the Show-Me state. The study also found that men are most likely to seek a truce.

Because of indifferences the study also revealed that Americans spend five and a half nights per month in a separate bed or on the couch.

So if you want to find out what states show the most arguments between couples and who is spening more time on the sofa, check out the aforementined link.

Arguing park couple

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