Buyer's remorse, that feeling of regret after you've bought something, is really prevalent among homeowners, according to a new survey of 2,000 adults from real estate brokerage Redfin.

I am a homeowner here in Sedalia myself, and in talking with some other new homeowners, I've found that this trend does show up in people.  While buying a home is generally considered the most important purchase someone makes, one in four people admit they have bought things in the past that they now wish they hadn't.

It's not just big decisions like a house or a car.  As for who feels buyer's remorse by regions, the Midwest led the way with 28 percent, followed by the Northeast at 27 and the South with 25 percent. Folks in the West were the least inclined not to like their purchase at 20 percent. Americans 65 and older were reportedly most happy with 85 percent.

So now that I've read this big survey, I'm wondering what exactly it is that these people are buying that they regret so much,  For me, it's almost always something silly like a movie or a CD. The last thing I could say I had buyer's remorse for was a video game. Honestly, it seemed like a lot of fun, but when I got it home and actually played it I found the controls to be very frustrating and the game itself almost unplayable. Now, having said that, it's not like I've gotten rid of it. I'll keep it around and maybe pick it up again in the future.

What's the story behind your worst case of buyer's remorse?  Was it something small (like a candy bar) or something big like your vehicle?  Did the thing not live up to the expectation, or was it just something you shouldn't have splurged on?

Regretfully yours,