You might see stars on barns and think what do they mean? I always thought that it was just some decoration, but there is a much deeper meaning to having a star and a colored one at that on a barn.

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What Does it Mean to have a Star on a Barn?

We've already answered the question as to why barns are red, but where does the star come from? This tradition of putting a star on a barn dates back to early Dutch and German settlers. They thought that putting a star on a barn would keep evil away and bring farmers luck in their fields. Some can be painted right on the barn itself and others are bought and made to hang on the barn, but whichever way a farmer has it placed on the barn color of the star matters too.

What Do Barn Star Colors Mean?

Never thought that color of a barn star mattered, but in doing a deep dive it does. I swear I've lived here for over 30 years and I am still learning stuff about farming. Yes, the color of a barn star does matter. They come in several different colors from red to white, violet, and green all symbolizing a different meaning.

What Do Barn Star Colors Mean?

So now when I am driving I will be looking for these barn stars and trying to remember what the meaning is for each color. I am sure they will be easy to spot when you are driving just look for a bright red barn and see if you can spot the star at the top.

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