Kathy and I ventured out to Walmart to do a little shopping Sunday afternoon and I noticed there are still some things that seem to be in short supply. Like the hand soap my wife wanted to buy. And the wipes I've been trying to get so I can clean the bathrooms. However there's another cleaning agent that's just been approved by the EPA that you can look for to keep your home coronavirus free.

Pine-Sol. That's right you may even already have some under your sink, or wherever you keep your cleaning supplies. CNN says the product was added to the EPA's list of products that are expected to kill the coronavirus after "after meeting the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19."

Clorox told CNN that in order for Pine-Sol to be effective against COVID-19 users should pour the disinfectant on a cloth or sponge right from the bottle (no dilution), wipe the surface the user wants to clean, wait ten minutes, then rinse the surface.

According to the EPA following the cleaner's directions are paramount to having ANY cleaner work. Which is one of the things that makes me wonder why wipes are flying off the shelf. Because there's no way wiping down a surface with the wipes keeps the disinfectant on the surface long enough to work. But, that's an observation for another post.

Additionally the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminded CNN that the best way to keep from getting the coronavirus is thorough hand washing. The CDC says this is especially important in the prevention of the coronavirus when you have been in a public place where you may have touched a surface many others have touched. And also before you touch your face especially your nose and mouth.

As for finding those items like wipes, sprays and cleaners on the shelves. Clorox, the makers of Pine-Sol, say we can expect shortages of their products to last into next year. One thing that will continue to be aggravating when hitting the store, or trying to put some kind of disinfectant in your shopping app.


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