You know when you get up while the roosters are still sleeping and the snoozing early bird isn't even thinking about catching that worm, crazy things can happen. Well, this morning I got ready and in the process, I put on my shirt on inside out.

You know when your alarm goes off at 4:00 am, it's always a fun game to take a shower, find everything in the dark, and then put on your clothes before you head out the door. Well, this morning my shirt wanted to play a game. It decided it would get on the hangar inside out so I wouldn't know the difference when I removed it. Once I got to work, luckily my two early morning co-workers pointed it out to me before we had the building full of station staff along with people coming in and out of the building.

I always hear hear of people wearing mismatched socks. Understandable. I guess when this shirt was taken out of the dryer and put on the hangar, it wasn't noticed that it was inside out...or was it? Did my wife do this on purpose to get back to me on some  subconscious level for something I did or didn't do recently? Hmmm.

I guess I better watch myself, or at least my shirts!

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