Last week at the Warrensburg Walmart I left my empty shopping cart in the parking lot instead of walking two rows over to the cart corral. So I must be a horrible bad person. At least that's what the viral "shopping cart test" seems to indicate.

I saw an article on the shopping cart test on Simplemost. The article says the shopping cart test theory is this: If you return your shopping cart to the cart corral you're a good person. If you don't, well then, it might indicate you're a bad person.

Please. I find it hard to believe that returning your shopping cart to the cart corral is any indication about whether you're a good person or not.  Do you know why I didn't return my cart to the cart corral? Because it had been a long day. It was 7:30. I was hungry. I had gone into Walmart to find a specific turkey breast my wife wanted to cook for Thanksgiving. And couldn't find it. Then I couldn't find the soup my wife wanted. And then I spent 30 minutes wandering around to find a suitable replacement for the turkey she wanted.

Frankly I hadn't gotten this frustrated in a Walmart in years. So yes. By the time I had found a suitable replacement for the turkey my wife wanted and got out of the store. I was frustrated, tired, hungry and just wanted to go home and sit in my easy chair. So yes, when I saw the cart corral was three rows over and 20 spots down. I said the heck with it and just left my cart in an out of the way spot.

Another day, another trip. I might have walked the cart over to the cart corral. That trip, that night. No way.

There's plenty of other ways to surmise if someone is a good person. Like how someone treats their waiter or waitress. Or how someone chooses to interact with the stock person or the checker at a store. Or how someone treats the customer service rep on the phone. I think how someone treats others reveals much more about a person than whether or not they put their shopping cart back.

And what gives Walmart? You have cart corrals all over the place. You can't make it a little easier on the folks parked over in the last couple of rows by the grocery doors? That area is cart corral desert.


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