Ever leave work so mad you want to just throw things? How 'bout an axe? At a target. With a cold beer, or a nice glass of chardonnay. Music on in the background. With some of your favourite friends or co-workers. You'll soon be able to do that on Pine Street in Warrensburg.

The Warrensburg Start Journal is reporting that the Warrensburg City Council approved a conditional use permit at their meeting to allow axe throwing at 108 West Pine Street.

Documents submitted to the City of Warrensburg for the conditional use permit indicate the new business will contain 10 axe-throwing lanes, a bar, and a seating area on the first floor. A DJ booth, seating, and a bag toss area in the mezzanine. So essentially, it seems like a bar or club where instead of playing ski-ball or darts, you throw axes for entertainment.

The sport of axe throwing is similar to any other type of target sports, according to the Critics Rant website. Essentially players stand behind a foul line and throw an axe at a bullsye. The closer to the bullseye your axe gets, the more points you get. Critics Rant says it's similar to darts, and these days it's featured in lumberjack competitions.

So are there benefits to axe throwing? According to the Kick Axe website, yes. Learning how to throw an axe can provide players stress release, cardio, social activity and yes, self-defence. They were actually kidding about that last one unless of course, the zombie apocalypse happens.

Speaking for myself, this sounds like it could be a fun place to enjoy a beer or a cocktail. Meet new people. Or just try something new and different. It might make for a fun radio station outing.

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