Your first apartment...freedom! Do you remember how much you gave each month to be out on your own?

I moved to Sedalia over Labor day weekend in 1977. My first apartment was off of 6th and Missouri. It was a two story house that had been converted into apartments. I called it the Jethro Bodine pad.

The cost? $65 a month, utilities paid and furnished. I was living the high life! Now I had to share a bathroom with two other renters on the second floor, but that wasn't a big deal for a free-wheeling 18 yr old.

Now you have to remember that 65 dollars a month was a big chunk of money when you were clearing $95 a week.

So, do you remember where your first apartment was located and how much you had to dish out each month?

Move. Cardboard boxes and cleaning things for moving into a new home
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