I moved to Sedalia on Labor Day weekend of 1977. I started work at was then KSIS AM & FM. They eventually renamed the FM station KCBW/92.1 which switched to B-92 and is now KSDL/Awesome 92.3. I've worked with a lot of different radio personalities through the years. Let's see how many we can remember.

When I moved to Sedalia, Carl and Betty Yates owned the stations.

I'll start off with the names that I remember from my early days from 1977/78 on North 65 at the old location of KSIS.

Larry Emery-mornings KSIS

Carl Zimmerschied (Carl Z)-middays KSIS

Frank Wetteroth (Franko Roth)-afternoons KSIS

Ray Meyers later did afternoons on KSIS

Weekends on KSIS had such names as Al McCurdy, Ron Cowen and Ron Yates.

On the other side of the building it was:

Wes Yates-mornings KCBW

Matt Borland (Beau Matthews)-middays KCBW

Terry Cavin-afternoons KCBW

Tom Yurasich (Jack Thomas)-evenings KCBW

If I remember right, part-timers and even filling in full time through the years was such great guys as Paul Peterman, Mike Gray, Phil Smith, Dave Dillon, Joey Anderson, Joe McGuire and Russ Groshons.

In the news department it was Mike Owens, David Yearout, Lorell LaBoube and Jeff Spalding.

Carl Zimmerschied was also our Chief Engineer.

If you can think of any more from later years to the present, please add them on to our facebook post.

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